Tips for Marketing Your Local Hair Salon

Would not it be nice if everybody who got their hair cut, had a tag attached to their locks that said something like, hair style by Jenifer? I mean, if someone walks around wearing brand names on their t shirts, why should not you can get free advertising for a job well done, too?

However, even giving a great haircut to country Star Taylor Swift before she graces the red-carpet will not send you any new customers. Haircuts don’t end up have any branding opportunities. But, there are plenty of other tips on how to get many people into the business, and you can develop client retention and trustworthiness easily after that.

Hair-Salon Marketing Idea 1: partner with local photographers

Professional photographers are often in need of assistance of make-up artists and stylists with regards to their shoots. Along with often being paid with regards to their on-site stylists, services get credit along with the entire photographer for almost any published photographs.

Hair-Salon marketing and advertising Idea 2: Take client photos consistently

Keep your digital camera on hand and take photos of the cuts and styles regularly. Since most people get a boost of self confidence after a haircut or style, many are going to be pleased to pose for several shots. Make this a priority for Balayage clients.

Hair-Salon marketing and advertising Idea 3: Post photos online regularly

Select your very best and a lot of diverse photos and make sure to post them on your own website. A lot more notably, post them on your own Facebook and Twitter Wall. People might not visit your website regularly, but they monitor their Facebook and Twitter feeds on daily and hourly basis.

Hair-Salon Marketing Idea 4: Be your own model

Nobody would like to get a haircut from someone with a terrible one. When you are working, take the appropriate time in the morning to get your own hair looking everything it can and when you’re out at an event where you will be seen, act as your very own billboard.

Hair-Salon marketing and advertising Idea 5: Always keep business cards with you

As mentioned into the previous tip, you should act as your own billboard. Do fun and exciting things in your hair that make wish to tell you which they like the hair”. When they do, hand them your online business card!

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