Learn To Treat Excessive Sweating With New Botox Training Course in San Diego

Botox is a truly remarkable treatment for facial wrinkles and other cosmetic concerns, but its use isn’t limited to impacting how a patient looks or feels about themselves. Botox injections can be used to treat a variety of medical conditions, including embarrassing and difficult-to-manage excessive sweating, a condition called hyperhidrosis.


When you take the San Diego all-hands-on course from Dr. Howard Katz, you learn how to use Botox to benefit your patients in many ways, including controlling excessive sweating. This condition can cause enough perspiration that the moisture soaks through clothing, drips off hands and disrupts daily life. But you can change lives with carefully places injections directly into problem areas. No treatment is faster, safer or easier.


Excessive Sweating Is A Very Real Problem


Hyperhidrosis is more than just an annoyance. It can lead to severe embarrassment and social anxiety. Would you want to go out and meet new people if you were concerned that your clothes would be soaked with sweat? The condition can be caused by disorders as diverse at menopause, tumors, overactive thyroid or diabetes. Yet many cases have no apparent cause. Still, the patient needs a solution.


Botox can be injected just under the skin and into sweat glands – a skill you will learn when you take the San Diego Botox and dermal fillers course from Dentox.


Injections of Botox and related products are only FDA approved for treating underarm sweating. Research has shown the injections are very effective for this condition. But as a medical professional, you can use the products “off-label” for treating other areas of the body – areas Dr. Katz will teach you how to inject. Research has shown 80 to even 90 percent effectiveness for sweaty palms and nearly as much effectiveness in forehead sweating. It can even be used on the soles of the feet, although foot shots can be painful.


You Can Come To Your Patients’ Rescue


As you’ll learn, Botox is injected in a grid pattern over the area where the excessive sweating originates. Before the injections, you may rub on ice or a numbing agent to make the process less painful, especially in sensitive areas. In most cases, results are quick but temporary. Injections must be repeated regularly for results to be maintained. After an initial treatment, your patient may want to come back in a few days for a touch-up treatment to deal with areas missed originally.


The best part for your patient is that there’s no recovery time. They can return to work immediately after seeing you. For you, the best part is that patients who like the results will come again and again, providing you a steady stream of revenue that wasn’t available to you before.


Additionally, you can help your patients with other medical problems, including migraines, TMD syndrome and a variety of facial pain conditions. And that’s not to mention the improvement you can bring to self-esteem and self-worth when you help people correct the major and minor imperfections in their appearance with Botox and dermal fillers.


When you take the course from Dentox and Dr. Katz in San Diego, you’re learning from the original and best trainer in the field. And you’re learning hands-on from the moment the course begins. Whether injecting into muscles or just below the skin, you’ll learn precise depths, angles and techniques for excellent results with minimal bruising, pain or side effects.


Patients depend on their doctors and dentists for solutions. When you learn and begin offering Botox injections to your patients, you’re adding tools to your toolset and adding solutions that your patients want, need and will come to depend on. What could be better than that?


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