All you need to Know About Colon Cleansing

While colon cleansing might seem like a trend that is relatively new has sprung up in modern times, it is actually an ancient practice dating back to as soon  as 1500 B.C. (1) Regardless  how old the practice is, there is still a complete large amount  of debate surrounding the concept  of colon cleansing.  How does it work, and is it essential for gut wellness?

What Is A colon cleanse?

Colon cleansing, or colon hydrotherapy, is the use of water or other “flushing” substances to get rid of waste and stool which may be stuck along the interior of your colon. The aim of a colon cleanse is similar to washing or cleaning any other section of your body, which is to help it function more optimally by eliminating any type  of gunk or build-up. Think of it this real means: you frequently wash see your face to keep your skin clear and remove dirt from your pores. Otherwise, you might experience breakouts or other skin issues.

This is the same explanation you may consider “cleansing” your colon, so that you can avoid possible problems that may pop up if it’s also, ahem, clogged. Even though every person doesn’t necessarily should do a colon cleanse, many individuals can gain benefit from  the help of a colon cleanse to remove waste that is toxic germs from their system.


Types of Colon Cleansing There are many variations that are different it involves colon cleansing. The main thing you need to know is that colon cleanses come in two major categories: those you can do yourself, and those being carried out by a specialist.


Enemas are cheap kits that will be purchased at your neighborhood drug shop and performed at house. They are milder than the usual procedure performed in a doctor’s office, but are effective for the lower areas of the colon.

To make use of an enema, you simply lie down, place the pointed tip into your anus and let hot water movement into the colon. Wait until the urge is had by you to make use of the bathroom. After that, it is a fairly straightforward process, as your colon is emptied over the next one to two hours.


Colonics (also referred to as colon hydrotherapy) are performed by a specialist and can take roughly a couple of hours to complete. This type of colon cleansing uses high quality water (and lots of it) to flush the colon that is entire. Typically this is done making use of gravity or a pressurized machine to flood the colon with water multiple times in order to rinse away compacted matter.

Colonics are regarded as the way that is best to cleanse the colon, since you’re filtering the entire system and even having your abdomen massaged to help break up stuck-on material. Throughout the procedure, a doctor will insert a little lubricated speculum into the colon that is attached to tubes controlling water flow. The physician will likely leave the room as your colon is flushed (you will be very comfortable and can even watch the process through the tubes) at this point.

Usually each colonic session can cost $50 or more, so getting colonics that are several be pricey. Every individual is different, so that you may perhaps not understand how numerous colonics you require before you get going.

Herbal Colon Cleansing

Another method to clean the colon is to take natural laxatives and dietary fiber to stimulate bowel movements and “sweep away” impacted matter. Some popular herbal colon cleanses may contain herbs like aloe vera, ginger, fenugreek, apple pectin, and licorice.

Using gentle herbal laxatives is an easy way to greatly help heal a bout of constipation and obtain things moving again. However, they generally aren’t as potent as a full-on colonic since it just stimulates bowel movements, in the place of adding water to “rinse” your colon.

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