4 Places Mold Can Hide in Your Home

Listen to a mold remediation specialist, mold can grow al
most anywhere damp and dark.
When we think of mold problems, we immediately think of damp bas
ements and black gross
mold growing on drywall, but mold is insidious and can grow in p
laces where you least expect it.
To get rid of mold, think like a fungus and search out these si
x moist places where mold likes to
Brick crevices collect water, dirt, and other organic debris.
Rusted chimney caps and faulty
flashing let in rain and snow, encouraging mold to grow. Your
best bet is to replace rusted caps
and fix flashing. Call a licensed mold removal specialist to re
move the mold in your chimneys.
To prevent mold, get your chimney cleaned by professional chimne
y sweep at least once a year.
Refrigerator Drip Pans
The spaces behind and under your fridge rarely see the light
of day, which make them perfect
breeding grounds for mold. To avoid the problem: Make sure all
water lines and drip pans are
clean and not leaking as even a small leak can lead to a h
uge mold problem. When you do your
spring cleaning, take the extra time to check and clean behind
and underneath your refrigerator.
Front-Loading Washing Machines
The gasket around the door on front-loading washing machines of
ten stays wet because the door
is usually closed when not in use. Add some lint to the moistur
e, and mold happily munches and
multiplies. To help stop the gunk: Wipe the gasket and glas
s dry before you shut the door. If you
spot mold, run a hot water wash with some chlorine bleach (n
o clothes), which will kill the fungi.
Check behind and underneath your washer and dryer to make sure th
ere are no leaks or source of
moisture. Clean out vents and lint traps to prevent mold ha
vens as well as fire hazards.
Window Sashes and Seals
Condensation from windows provides the moisture mold loves,
and the dirt and dust that collect
provide the perfect place for the mold to settle. to fix it:
After heavy rains, open windows and
wipe moisture from the bottoms of sashes and window sills.
Replace any broken seals, and if you
notice any water has leaked into the wood and walls, call a
professional to see if the problem has
caused mold.
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